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Triangle QuaniticoThrowing Muses01:15Purgatory / Paradise (2013)[x] [+]
Take The Skinheads BowlingCamper Van Beethoven02:32Telephone Free Landslide Victory (1985)[x] [+]
Make Out ClubUnrest04:19Perfect Teeth (1993)[x] [+]
KennedyThe Wedding Present04:22Bizarro (1989)[x] [+]
Love Goes On!The Go-Betweens03:1816 Lovers Lane (1988)[x] [+]
LondonCinerama04:01This Is Cinerama (2000)[x] [+]
You and Your Sister (Remastered)This Mortal Coil03:14Blood (Remastered) (1991)[x] [+]
Lose The ReasonThe Primitives03:28Spin-O-Rama (2014)[x] [+]
Kill Your TelevisionNed's Atomic Dustbin02:58God Fodder (1991)[x] [+]
RileyThe Corin Tucker Band03:141,000 Years (2010)[x] [+]
Speedy MarieFrank Black03:3693-03 (2007)[x] [+]
No MotionDif Juz04:49Lonely Is An Eyesore (1987)[x] [+]
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