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Playlist based on The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Monsieur CuttsThe Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster02:32Blood & Fire ()[x] [+]
Walk Like A ZombieHorrorpops04:07Bring It On! ()[x] [+]
Rock 'N' Roll Motherf****rThe D402:016Twenty ()[x] [+]
Aloha Steve & DannoRadio Birdman03:58The Essential Radio Birdman ()[x] [+]
Man of AranBritish Sea Power03:39Man Of Aran ()[x] [+]
The Road Leads Where It's LedSecret Machines04:42Now Here Is Nowhere ()[x] [+]
FirefallTiger Army02:49V ()[x] [+]
Get FreeThe Vines02:07Highly Evolved ()[x] [+]
Bucket of ButterfliesModey Lemon03:37The Curious City ()[x] [+]
Shark's ToothArchie Bronson Outfit03:12Coconut ()[x] [+]
Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)Electric Six02:11Fire ()[x] [+]
Red ChevyFrantic Flintstones03:48Nightmare on Nervous ()[x] [+]
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