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Playlist based on The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Dont Ask Me to Love YouThe Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster02:41Blood & Fire ()[x] [+]
FlyingSecret Machines03:56Across The Universe (Original Deluxe) ()[x] [+]
The Gentle Art Of ChokingMy Vitriol03:30Finelines ()[x] [+]
Born With a Scorpion's TouchCalabrese03:19Born With a Scorpion's Touch ()[x] [+]
Palaces of MontezumaGrinderman03:32Grinderman 2 ()[x] [+]
ShakeMad Marge and the Stonecutters03:43Mad Marge and the Stonecutters ()[x] [+]
Sex BeatThe Gun Club02:47Fire of Love ()[x] [+]
Before the FireGallon Drunk09:14The Soul of the Hour ()[x] [+]
A Place To StartWhite Denim04:38Corsicana Lemonade ()[x] [+]
Ace of spadesBatmobile02:48Bail set at $6M ()[x] [+]
I Wanna Join the ArmyDan Sartain01:30Too Tough To Live ()[x] [+]
Paint it blackThe Quakes02:27Voice of America ()[x] [+]
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