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Playlist based on Stalking Horse

WaterholeStalking Horse03:51Specters ()[x] [+]
Castle GreyscaleCowtown02:26Paranormal Romance ()[x] [+]
No Pain No Gain10,000 Things03:4710,000 Things ()[x] [+]
SleepwalkerDepartment M03:32Department M ()[x] [+]
Black And White FilmsThe Rosie Taylor Project03:53This City Draws Maps ()[x] [+]
If We Close All the Borders Down You Can't Go to BenidormKleine Schweine02:16Porcine of the Times ()[x] [+]
Black SkyBilge Pump03:10Reflections ()[x] [+]
Older than birdsBarbarisms03:45Browser ()[x] [+]
TriceratopsCastrovalva03:08Breaking Rocks ()[x] [+]
A Dream, a Murder and a Trip Out of TownFear Of Music03:13Actor/Actress ()[x] [+]
AntibodiesSky Larkin03:31The Golden Spike ()[x] [+]
I WouldLong-view05:27Mercury ()[x] [+]
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